Best Laptop For Collage Students in 2020 – Must Read Before Purchase

best laptop for collage stucdents 2020

Corona moves the lecture hall into the living room. We have found the Best laptop for Collage students in 2020. Because one thing is clear: you can still expect many lectures, homework and project work that demand a lot of work from you and your university laptop. It is often possible to work more effectively … Read more

Hanging or crashing apps issue in Windows 10 – Step by Step Tutorial [Video]

hanging or crashing apps in windows 10 1909

Hanging or crashing apps issue may disrupt you to work on your windows 10. Windows 10 has many pre-built applications and it crashes at some point of time. It could happen because of many reasons. Hanging or crashing apps can be because of windows updates or if any other application interrupt crashing app. How to resolve Hanging … Read more

How to install server manager in Windows 10 1909-Video

How to install Server Manager In Windows 10

Server manager is used to manage servers locally and remotely in Windows Active Directory Network. In this article we are going to install server manager in windows 10 1909. And it applies to all version after this version as well. If any changes I will update this article in future. If you have domain network … Read more