How to install server manager in Windows 10 1909-Video

Server manager is used to manage servers locally and remotely in Windows Active Directory Network. In this article we are going to install server manager in windows 10 1909. And it applies to all version after this version as well. If any changes I will update this article in future.

If you have domain network environment and wants to manage servers, you should use Server Manager.

Server manager was mainly introduced in the Windows Server operating Systems. But, by looking at the Windows Server security, it has been also moved to Windows 10.

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Now, System administrators can manage servers with their Windows 10 computer. And by using this way System administrators are going to secure Windows Servers from attacks.

How to install server manager in Windows 10 1909,1809,2004

Previously, Server manager was only present in Windows Server Operating System, but now we can install it in the Windows 10 as well. With the help of rsat windows 10 1909.

To install Server Manager you should have latest version of Windows 10 Operating Systems. I mean you can install it if you have Windows 10 1809,1903,1909 or 2004 and above version of Windows 10.

How to use RSAT to Manage Active Directory

So, to install Server Manager we have to follow below Steps.

  • Right click on the Windows and click on the Settings.
  • Once you are in the Settings page, click on the Apps.
How to install server manager in Windows 10 1909
  • Then,click on the Optional Features.
  • Click on the plus sign besides Add a Feature.
server manager in windows 10

  • In the new Add a Feature Page, search for Server Manager.
rsat windows 10 1909
  • And then Select Server Manager And click on Install.

It Will take some time depending upon Internet Speed and then you can manage Servers with the help of Server Manager.

You will have to type Server Manager in Search box and then pin it to start or Taskbar.

install server manager in Windows 10 1903

If you are a person who loves to watch videos, then below is the video for same topic

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